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Irez has been developing for the web since 1996 and has seen virtually every iteration the web has been through since. Endevouring to stay at the forefront of technologies the whole time.
With expansion in 2010, Irez officially became a company and Irez Enterprise Pty Ltd began developing not only websites, but mobile apps, digital imagery and social networks.

We have continued to build great websites that work and with a continued focus to provide efficient quality and service with a product many would pay much more for, it's easy to see why Irez has stayed consistent throughout the years.


Appr is designed to minimise your outgoings when it comes to app development. For a small monthly fee your business can have it's own Android and Apple apps. 
With the strict ongoing compliance requirements, Appr ensures your app is always up to date and completely secure. 

Appr pro

Reztel is part of Australia's largest independant ISP, Exetel. With prices that are hard to beat combined with a great level of service, the choice is easy when it comes to NBN internet and mobile phone deals.


One of the most comprehensive list of domain names available on the internet combined with state of the art hosting. VPS, Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting all available at competitive prices.
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